What is Community Health?

Community health impacts everything: quality education and healthcare, safety and healthy homes, life expectancy and overall happiness. Improving the health of people living with HIV and LGBTQ people is one of AARC’s top priorities. We understand that in order to achieve community health we must acknowledge the intersectionality and social inequalities of our diverse community. Stay in the know and explore the impact of current community health concerns.

Monkey Pox

A virus that causes rashes and lesions around the body. Transmission occurs when large respiratory droplets have direct contact to another person. Animals with monkey pox can also transmit to humans. Bodily fluids & lesions are the highest modes of transmission of monkey pox. Monkey pox is NOT an STI. Anyone —regardless of sexuality—can acquire monkey pox.

HIV and the FLU

Flu season can be worrisom for many people especially people living with HIV. People with immunocompromised diseases are at high risk of serious complications if they catch the flu. They may also be more likley than the general public to get the flu and, if they do, symptoms can be severe and can lead to hospitalization. This is why it is important to discuss flu prevention with your provider. The flu shot may prevent or lessen flu symptoms, particulary heart and lung problems.The flu shot means they are less likely to catch it and, if they do, symptoms are likley to be less serious.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does AARC offer the Monkey Pox Vaccine (MPV)?

AARC occasionally recieves vaccines from Metro Health. It’s best to call the clinic to ask if any are available.

Does AARC offer the Flu shot?

Yes, we offer the flu shot to establised patients.

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