What are STIs?

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) also known as STD are caused by bacteria, viruses, or parasites. Anyone who is sexually active — anal, vaginal or oral– can be exposed to an STI. Some STI’s can spread through close skin-to-skin contact. All STI’s are manageable and most are curable!

What do you experience?

Common symptoms include unusual discharge, genital warts, abnormal odor, or painful urination. Sometimes, symptoms are not apparent, meaning a person can show no symptoms but still be carrying an STI.

How is it transmitted?

Sexual intercourse, vaginal, anal, or oral, can all be modes of transmission of an STI. Specifically semen, genital secretions, and discharge can all transmit STI’s. Practicing preventative habits such as: condoms, regular STI screenings, can help keep you safe from STI’s.

How do I know?

If any symptoms are apparent or you had a sexual partner unaware of their sexual health status, then a sexual health screening should be considered. AARC’s prevention team, PUSH, are experts at discussing sexual health practices. PUSH also provides a safe and comfortable place to come in for a free STI screening.

I got tested, now what?
Tested Positive

Treatment is available at our clinic for people who are insured. If you are uninsured we can refer you to a local clinic for treatment.

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Tested Negative

Practice safe sex! Condoms, lube, and PrEP help with preventing STI’s. Regular STI check-ups are important too!

Future Prevention Tips

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I get tested?

Every 2 months depending on your sexual activity.

I only have one sex partner; do I still need to get an STI test?

Yes, we suggest everyone who is sexually active get tested.

Can STI's be transmitted in other ways?

Some STI’s can be transmitted through skin to skin contact and through needle sharing.

What are the treatment options for STI's?

Depending on the STI, options for treatment can be oral medication and injectable treatment.

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