AARC recognizes the inaccessibility caused by rates of health insurance co-pays and medical costs. AARC offers Health Insurance Premium and Cost Sharing Assistance (HIPCSA), to relieve people who are hindered by the medical care and insurance fees. AARC aims to keep people in medical care without any disruption of treatment. We assist with insurance co-pay coverage to encourage people living with HIV to continue and stay in medical care to result in a greater overall health outcome.

Service Details

Insurance Premiums

Monthly ACA or private insurance payment assistance.

Medical Visit

Co-pay assitance for office visits.

Medication Co-Pays

HIV or Ryan White formulary prescriptions that cost $10 or more.

Lab Co-Pays

Co-payments for Laboratory services.

Contact Info / Get Started

If you are interested in receiving health insurance assistance, you must first be established in care and have intake documents completed. Please email aarchicprequest@aarcsa.com or call (210) 625-7200 to coordinate your visit. You can fax documents to (210) 625-7225.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does AARC enroll clients in health insurance?

No, AARC does not enroll clients in health insurance however, we use PrideLife as a resource to enroll clients into the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

What health insurance plans qualify for Health Insurance Assistance?

We assist with individuals who have Medicare only, Employer, Private, Affordable Care Act (ACA)-Silver plan only.

Do you assist with dental and vision insurance?

We can assist with medical and dental insurance only.

Do you assist with all medical bills?

We assist with medical copays associated with your HIV-care only and your lab copays that pertain to your HIV follow-up with your Infectious Disease provider.

Does AARC pay for all medications?

We assist with approved medications that are listed on the Ryan White Drug Formulary. Exclusions include over-the- counter medications and medication copays under $10.

Do I have to use a 340B pharmacy?

No. You can use a pharmacy of your choice; however, you will have to submit an invoice to AARC.

Can AARC pay for medical equipment and X-rays?

No. Unfortunately, we cannot pay for medical equipment or specialty tests like x-rays or cat scans.

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