Making and keeping your medical appointments is the key to living a long, healthy life with HIV and sometimes just getting there can be an issue. At AARC, we provide free non-emergency medical transportation to help you stay on track! These services include rides to doctor’s offices, dentists, pharmacies and any AARC appointments. We also provide bus passes for eligible clients.

Service Details


Main mode of transportation with experienced drivers

Bus Passes

Full or half fare bus passes are provided monthly

Taxi / Uber Health

Wheelchair accessible taxis are available upon request. If a driver is not available, we’ll send an Uber.

Contact Info / Get Started

If interested in scheduling transportation services for a medical appointment, you must be an established client with AARC; this means the intake process has been completed and you are in consistent medical care. Please reach out to our Transportation Manager by calling the Transportation Request Line at (210) 625-7222.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much notice do I have to give to schedule transportation?

As much notice as possible is best. If the appointment is 2 weeks or 2 months away, go ahead and call Transportation. Same-day or next-day appointments can be difficult to add to the schedule, but we will do our best to help you keep your appointment.

Can anyone utilize AARC Transportation?

AARC Transportation is private transportation provided to any client of AARC. Transportation to the agency to complete intake or update eligibility can be coordinated, but this must occur before any medical appointment transportation.

Where can AARC transport me and how will I get home?

Don’t worry! All routes are considered round trip unless client requests otherwise.
AARC Transportation will assist to any appointment considered medical and/or agency related. No rides will be utilized to transport to the store, movies, bank, personal errands, etc.

Does AARC only use vans to transport?

No. While AARC has 3 agency vans for client transporation, we also utilize Uber Health, taxi service, and have monthly bus passes available for eligible clients. Bus passes are distributed the last 4 business days of each month.

What is the eligibility for transportation?

Anyone who is an AARC client qualifies for free transportation! In order to be a client you must have completed the quick and easy intake process and must be in medical care. We can provide transportation for the initial intake appointment with AARC

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