AARC’s PrEP Patient Navigation

AARC’s PrEP navigator provides general information about PrEP and nPEP. AARC has also started prescribing PrEP at its newly opened LGBT Health Equity Clinic.

This program offers prevention and navigation services to LGBT and at-risk people for HIV transmission.

These services seek to increase education on PrEP/PEP and improve linkage to care for individuals who would benefit from PrEP/PEP, HIV testing, and other forms of prevention.

AARC’s PrEP Navigator can assist with:

  • Assessing if PrEP is right for you.
  • Provide education on prevention topics, including PrEP/PEP, consistent and correct condom use, safer sex practices, risk reduction, regular STI and HIV testing, and the importance of mental health and substance use issues in relation to HIV risk.
  • Assist with the selection of a clinical site offering PrEP/PEP or an HIV testing site and coordinate referral process, and maintain communication with referral site and the client to ensure linkage to care.
  • Provides assistance with eligibility for PrEP financial assistance and application process.
  • Provide assistance with appointment scheduling, accompaniment, and appointment reminders as needed.
  • Provide support around linkage to other services needed, such as mental health care, substance abuse counseling, employment services, support groups, and basic needs.