The HIPCSA program is intended to help HIV positive individuals continue medical care without gaps in health insurance coverage or disruption of treatment.

Health Insurance Premium and Cost-Sharing Assistance (HIPCSA) is the provision of financial assistance for eligible individuals living with HIV to maintain a continuity of health insurance or to receive medical benefits under a health insurance program. This includes premium payments, office visit/lab co-payments, deductibles, and medication co-pays. Continued insurance coverage allows clients to obtain the following:

  • Obtain care not limited to HIV treatment, therefore resulting in greater overall client health outcomes.
  • Continued coverage also reduces the burden on publicly-funded medical care systems.


  • Premium Assistance
  • Deductible Assistance
  • Co-Payments, Co-Insurance Payments

Local Government Cost Sharing Assistance Programs- We assist eligible individuals who receive financial assistance through local government sponsored cost-sharing assistance programs (eg., the CareLink program of the Bexar County University Health System).

*No Ryan White funds can be used toward co-payments associated with hospitalization and/or emergency room care.

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