How We Can Help

Alamo Area Resource Center maintains an affordable housing data base and provides housing referral and placement services. AARC also provides HOPWA Short Term Rental, Mortgage, Utility assistance (STRMU), Tenant-Based Rental Assistance (TBRA) and housing case management for those who qualify.

AARC has reduced the risk of homelessness through a full spectrum of coordinated supportive services, increasing access to health care and providing van transportation for program participants to medical and social service appointments.

The goals of AARC’s housing program are:

  1. Demonstrate improved housing stability among HIV+ homeless households within the San Antonio Metropolitan Area through affordable housing placement services.
  2. Provide supportive services activities that will decrease the barriers to attaining affordable housing and increase access to affordable housing.
  3. Demonstrate an increased adherence to medical care for participants.
  4. Enable more clients to live independently and achieve a greater degree of self-sufficiency.
  5. Ensure clients are able to have an improved quality of life with fewer unmet needs by providing supportive services and strengthening clients’ life skills


*All housing services are for people living with HIV.

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